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A virtual visit

Welcome to this virtual visit of the Western Alps. This site contains more than 520 360 degrees photographs, taken from panoramic mountain places. You will look at these pictures through a window that will give you the illusion of being there: you can look right and left in every direction. Hotpots in every image will let you "jump" to other images, moving from place to place. Detailed instructions are available about these pages. It is advisable to read them to enjoy your visit.

Where are we?

These pictures were taken in north-western Italy, a few miles west of Turin (Torino), near the French border. To  look at geographic maps you can follow this link.

Which panoramic images are available?

The following map shows the places where the images have been taken. Just click on an area and you will see a more detailed map from which you will be able to choose the desired panoramic image.

You can contact me at: fsenore@ica-net.it

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