Let's see how to use this site at its best. Each page contains, on the left, a map of the place from where the picture was taken. Beside the map there is the window used to show the panorama. You can look in any direction, zoom in, zoom out and move elsewhere. Below the map there is a list of the available hotspots: clicking an item will change accordingly the point of view.

Each page is available in two versions: a smaller and a larger one. You can move between the two versions clicking the "Smaller image" or "Larger image" link at the beginning of each page.

The smaller version is designed for those who are using a modem to connect to the internet. This connection is relatively slow and the smaller images are downloaded more quickly.

The larger version is designed for those who are using a faster connection to the internet: this version shows more details and gives a more immersive feeling.

Here is a short list of the available commands.

If you want to: You can:
Pan the image Click and drag with the mouse or use the arrow keys
Zoom into the image Press the A key
Zoom out Press the Z key
Show the hotspots that link to other images Press the space bar on the keyboard
Jump to another place Show the hotspots (see above) and click on a hotspot

Here are detailed instructions.

In the lower part of the window you can see this horizontal bar:

As you can see there are three buttons.

Click the first button to zoom into the image, and click the second to zoom out.

If you click the third button you will obtain the following result:

The button has a "pressed" look and now the hotspots that link to other panoramas will be visible. If you click a hotspot you will jump to a new panorama, looking towards the starting point. If you press the button again the hotspots will be invisible again. You can also press the space bar on the keyboard.